Hatchling – Little Wing

Little Wing
Start lvl:
Location: Hunters Village
NPC: Wiseman Cronos
Type: Repeatable / Solo
Rewards: Dragonflute of Wind / Twilight / Star (Level 35 Hatchling)

Quest that must be completed in order to obtain a pet hatchling.

1. Start the quest by talking to to Pet Manager Cooper inside the luxory shop in Giran. He will send you to speak to Wiseman Cronos.

2. Go to Hunter’s Village, Wiseman Cronos is in the main area in front of the main building, near the Gatekeeper. He will tell you need a fairy stone so that you can talk to one of the fairies in the Enchanted Valley. He will ask you what kind of fairy stone you would like to craft (it’s easier if you choose the regular fairy stone) and give you the appropriate recipe depending on your answer.

Sage Cronos will send you to speak with Maria inside Dion Magic Shop. You will receive a list of ingredients from Cronos that you must collect in order for Maria to craft the fairy stone for you.

The list contains the following items:

Regular Fairy Stone
10 Coal
10 Charcoal
1 Gemstone D ( buy from magic shops)
10 Toad Lord Back Skin
3 Silver Nugget

Deluxe Fairy Stone
10 Coal
10 Charcoal
1 Gemstone C
1 Stone Of Purity
5 Silver Nugget
20 Toad Lord Back Skin

3. Hunt Toad Lord to obtain 10 Toad Lord Back Skins

4. When you are ready return to Maria in Dion and she will craft your fairy stone for you.

5. Return to Wiseman Cronos in Hunter’s Village. He sends you to speak with the guard Byron, who is at the North exit that goes to Enchanted Valley.

6. Byron will tell you to go find the Fairy Mimyu in the Enchanted Valley. He will also warn you that killing any of the mobs in Enchanted Valley will make it shatter.

7. Go and speak with Fairy Mimyu. She will tell you the drakes need help recovering their stolen eggs and will give you five options of which drake you could speak with. She will also give you Fairy Dust and Juice Of Monkshood.

8. Mimyu gives you a list of 5 drakes you can talk to, you can choose any of them:

  • Drake Kalibran: West of Oren, on top of a mountain.
    You will have to hunt Road Scavenger along Death Pass to collect 20 eggs.
  • Drake Exarion: North West of Oren Castle.
    You will have to hunt Leto Lizardman Warrior South of Oren to collect 20 eggs.
  • Wyvern Suzet: Between Partisan Hideaway and Death Pass
    You have to hunt Breka Orc Overlord north of Giran to collect 20 eggs.
  • Wyvern Shamhai: South West of the “D” in Death Pass on the in-game map.
    You have to hunt Dead Seeker at the Execution Grounds to collect 20 eggs.
  • Drake Zwov: End of the river above Iris Lake east.
    You have to kill Marsh Spider at Cruma Tower to collect 20 eggs.

For example. If you choose to talk to Drake Kalibran and she will tell you that her eggs were stolen by Road Scavenger near Death Pass. She asks you to hunt them down and return 20 of her eggs and she will do anything for you. As a reference to her lost eggs, she gives you a scale to identify her eggs.. Go to Death Pass and hunt Road Scavenger, which will take 2-5 Scavengers before you get 1 egg. Once you have obtained all 20 of her eggs, return to Drake Kalibran. She then will grant you one wish, which you will ask her for 1 of her eggs. At first she will try to convince you not to take any of her eggs, and she will give you all the money you want, but at the end due to her promise to you she will give you one of her eggs. The egg is fragile and has gone through hardship and many ordeals, so you must take the egg back to the Fairy Mymyu first or the egg will die.

9. With the one egg go back to the Enchanted Valley to see Fairy Mimyu

She gives 20 hatchling food and one of these flutes:

fletna Dragonflute Of Star or

fletna Dragonflute Of Twilight or

fletna Dragonflute Of Wind

Grats! You have now little hatchling ! Don’t forget to get more food and buy him armor and weapon :) Good luck!