Hatchling – Strider

Little Wing’s Big Adventure – transfer Hatchling to Strider
Start lvl:
Location: Hunters Village
NPC: Wiseman Cronos
Type: Repeatable / Party
Rewards: Level 55 Hatchling transformed to Strider (Dragon Bugle)

1. Talk to Wiseman Cronos in Hunters Village. He will send you to Fairy Mimyu in Enchanted Valley.

2. Talk to Mimyu. She asks you to summon your hatchling here. She tells you about 4 fairy trees. These trees are protected by the Ghosts of the Tree Guardians. Mimyu will give you 4 Fairy Leaves. 

3. First tree is Fairy Tree Of Twilight. Attack the tree with your hatchling – when u do this Ghosts will start to attack -while your hatchling is attacking the tree you kill the guardians.

Attention! DON’T ATTACK THE TREE YOURSELF and DON’T KILL THE TREE – if it dies many new ghosts will spawn and kill you and your hatchling in seconds.

Note – be patiient this will take 15 mins+

4. When your hatchling has finished drinking, you would know it, because the leaf automatically disapears.
When the leaf disappears, move onto the next tree.

Fairy Tree Of Abyss

Fairy Tree Of Star

Fairy Tree Of Wind

5. When you are ready with all 4 trees go back to Fairy Mimyu. She takes the hatchling and returns a strider to you.