An Arrogant Search

Quest Name:  An Arrogant Search
Npc:  Hanellin
Town: Aden
Repeatable: Yes

You can find Magister Hanellin,in Dark Elf Guild. Talk with her and take An Arrogant Search quest!

She will send you to hunt Yintzu in forsaken plains.

After you kill Yintzu you must to go again at Magister Hannellin and she will give 3 steps to take 3 quest items. She will send to speak with Claudia Athebaldt in Aden,Magister Harne in Dark Elf Village and Martien in Giran.

Step 1
Talk with Claudia and she will send you to the cemetery to talk with chest holy ark of secrecy 2.

Step 2
After you done with that chest you must to go in Dark Elf Village at Magister Harne  in temple and she will send you near swampland.

Near Swampland you must to kill Angel Killer and after talk with holy ark of secrecy 1.

Step 3
Now and finally you must to talk with Martien in Town of Giran you find him at north exit from warrior guild. He will send you in Tanor Canyon to speak with holy ark of secrecy 3.

When you are in Tanor Canyon you must to talk with holy ark of secrecy 3.

After you talk with holy ark of secrecy 3 and get bough of saint  must to return in aden at Magister Hanellin.

Magister Hanelin want  1 Greater Heallin Potion and 5 Antidote and she will give you 1 white fabric.

She will put you to choose if you want to meet the emperor or want to make some money (if you choose to meet the Emperor you will have only 1 white fabric if you choose to make some money you will take 9 more white fabric when you coming back with 1 blooded fabric) I choose to make some money to have more blodded fabric.

Now you must to go in Tower of Insolence  at 7 floor to beat Platinum Tribe Overlord. To make Blooded Fabric you must to beat mob with your punch!

After you have Blooded Fabric go to Magister Hanellin and she will give you 9 more White Fabric. To make it blooded you can go in Tower of Insolance at 10 floor and farm at angel’s.

Now must to wait Baium apear to enter and killl it.

Finally Baium alive let’s  kill it!!!