Server info

Item Shop

This shop is in every town and name is Grimli (L2Teardrop Manager)
All items from D-Grade to Vesper (Wepon, armor, Jewerls)
Mounts (Lion, Horse,Mechanic Bug)
Enchants and Blessed Enchants
Clan Level Items & Clan Skill items
Blessed Spiritshot, Soulshot from No-Grade to S-Grade
All Grade of Arrows
Mana potion (giving 1500MP per click)
Accesories for Vote Coin

Vote System

For Vote you must click on Vote button on our website. Log your account and choise your character where u want take Vote Coin.
After choose your character where u want Coin, click on 1st, 2nd, … and last banner and vote for our server. And in game you take a reward.
Your Reward will be sent in 1 minute to your inventory (Vote Coin). Now you can visit Grimli (L2Teardrop Manager) and click On Vote Bonus
Hat with bonus 35% HP
Hat with bonus 15% Speed
Hat with bonus 15% Attack Speed
Hat with bonus 15% P.att
Hat with bonus 15% Casting Speed


All your class changes (Subclass, Nobless, 1st, 2nd & 3rd class transfer) you can do in Grimli (L2Teardrop Manager)
1st Class change – 150 000 Adena
2nd Class change – 200 000 Adena
3rd Class change – 25 000 000 Adena
Subclass – 250 000 000 Adena
Nobless – 500 000 000 Adena

NPC Buffer

Your NPC buffer is in all towns. You can create your own buff macro with maximally 29 Buffs (Songs, Dances, Buffs, Premium buffs (CoV, POF,..)).
Your buffer name is Grimli (L2Teardrop Manager)

TvT Event

Parcipate is only 1time every day. NPC name is TvT Public for example is in Giran Square. Parcipate time is 2 hours.
You will be ported to Coliseum with NPC Buffer and you will fight for 20 minutes. Witch team Take more kills will win and take reward 10 PvP Coins

Zone Gatekeeper

Name of this NPC is Angelina (L2Teardrop Gatekeeper) and he can port you to Giran Town and to farm zones.
Only in this zones you can drop Adena and Golden Coin. And this items are needed for eqip and for enchants


Name of this NPC is Galladucci (Donation Manager). He is only in Giran near Gatekeeper and here you can see the prices and rewards for donate.
Possible to buy are enchants and premium items like Life Stones, Element crystals, Element stones & Giant’s Codex.

Server Settings

Rate: 35x Exp // Adena Drop 10x // Item Drop 1x // spoil 1x // Quest 1x // 35x SP // Spoil of Golden Coin in zones 35x
Adena, Golden Coin & Exp are only in Zones
Olympiad is 1 month cycle
TvT Event have protection agaits Dualboxes
GM On server are: Sweety, Barth, Littara, Kinnya
Dualboxes are no limited
Autolearn Skills
Autopickup of items are possible On or Off via command
Offline Shop with offline shout to Trade chat via command
Dispell all buffs via command
How much online players are now via command
Exp On or Off via command
All commands you can see in game when you write to chat: .help
In exp low zones are PK guards with strong attack
Primeval Isle Beach is PvP zone
Enchant settings: +3 safe enchant and maximum enchant is no limited. Succes enchant 3-15 on 70% 16+ is on 60%

Pig Primeval Island Event

Here is a Super huge Pig with spawn time 30 minutes. If you kill him you take reward for kill in Golden Coin & Adena

Drop of Elemental Crystals and Stones

Fire Stone – Primaval Island
Wind Stone – Dungeon
Earth Stone – Imperial Tomb
Divine Stone – Monastery of Silence
Dark Stone – Hellbound
Water Stone – Monastery of Silence
Fire Crystal – Monastery of Silence
Wind Crystal – Primeval Island
Earth Crystal – Imperial Tomb
Divine Crystal – Dungeon
Dark Crystal – Monastery of Silence
Water Crystal – Hellbound

Unique Rebirth System

You can wisit NPC name Alexandria if you reach level 85. She offer you Rebirth so delevel from level 85 to level 1.
With this delevel you take Rebirth Book and Rebirth Skill. This special Skill you can take from your Guild Master and learn 1 skill.
This is unique skill for boost your character. You can maximally take 3x Rebirth on 1 character. So maximally 3 skills or 3level of any skill what you choise
Increases accuracy by +5%
Increases accuracy by +10%
Increases accuracy by +15%
Increases Atk. Spd. by +5%
Increases Atk. Spd. by +10%
Increases Atk. Spd. by +15%
Increases HP by +10%
Increases HP by +20%
Increases HP by +30%
Increases MP by +10%
Increases MP by +20%
Increases MP by +30%
Increases speed by +5%
Increases speed by +10%
Increases speed by +15%
Increases critical attack rate by 15.
Increases critical attack rate by 30.
Increases critical attack rate by 45.
Increases P. Atk. by +5%
Increases P. Atk. by +10%
Increases P. Atk. by +15%
Increases M. Atk. by +5%
Increases M. Atk. by +10%
Increases M. Atk. by +15%
Increases P. Def. by +5%
Increases P. Def. by +10%
Increases P. Def. by +15%
Increases M. Def. by +5%
Increases M. Def. by +10%
Increases M. Def. by +15%
Increases Evasion by 6.
Increases Evasion by 11.
Increases Evasion by 17.
Increases Casting Speed by +5%
Increases Casting Speed by +10%
Increases Casting Speed by +15%

Contaminated Crystals

If you kill a Four Sepurcher, Uruka & Anais Raid Bosses
You can take 2 Contaminated Crystals from 1 killed Raid Boss. These Crystals are needs for Ancient Dynasty armor

Dungeon System

Here is realy nice exp for 2 players in the party. If you want exp pretty way is stay in the room with Crysocolla and spawn them again and again.
With this system you can take maximaly exp how u can in this Dungeon take.
Or you can enter this Dungeon and finsh him as on video below. And on the end you take 1x Contaminated Crystal for Ancient Dynasty Armor.
Video: youtube

Four Sepurcher – Party spoil zone

As first you need take quest. Here is port from Angelina – Imperial Tomb Up. Speak with NPC: Ghost of Adventurer and take Quest: Relics of the Old Empire
With killing monsters in Imperial Tomb you take to inventory item: Entrance Pass To The Sepulcher. This item is needed for entrance to Four Sepurcher
Remember every one in your party need this Entrance Pass To The Sepulcher in invetory. Minimum players to enter Four Sepurcher are 4 players.
Recomend party to this event are: Tank, Bishop, Spoiler, And mass damage characters (Duelist, Grand Ghavatari, Mages, and etc ..)

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