How to connect

1. For create your account click to this link.

After create account will be sent to your registred e-mail adress about created account on our server.

2. Download the L2Teardrop Gracia Final client

HERE (Automatic Run): part 1part 2part 3part 4

3. How Start Play on L2Teardrop

When you sucesfully downloaded L2Teardrop Gracia Final client please use double click on the file and unpack it.

When you sucesfully unpack L2Teardrop Gracia Final client, open folder where you unpack it. And open “system” folder and run “L2.exe”.

After click on L2.exe your game starting. And first window will need your ID and PSW.
ID is your username and PSW is password what you set in first step in Create Account. Now You can play on our server. When you need any help use our forum or any contact in Contact Us here on webpage.

Thank You for play on L2Teardrop Server. Like us on Facebook.

=== FINISH ====

1. If you have clean Gracia Final client

If yes .. download only Patch and place it to main folder in Lineage 2 Gracia Final Client.

Webshare: Patch or Mediafire Patch.

2. Create Account

For create your account click on this link.

After create account you can log in to the game.