Donate Rules

All donations are used for server maintenance and improvements. Donations are the only income for this server, so if you are enjoying your stay, please help us maintain our server.

We will NEVER enable donation for items that will break balance of the game. Do not ask for donations for full weapons or armor sets, it is not going to happen. EVER.

You are not donating for items. All donations are considered to be a gift to the server. As a token of our appreciation we will give you in-game currency on the server to obtain premium items in game.
All donations are non-refundable. Please, do not donate if you are not willing to accept with this.

You can register your donation to your account using Account manager. Remember to keep 1 slot free in your first characters inventory, so we can place Donation coins there.

Donate procedure

Use this donate button to get forwarded to the PayPal site.

PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online!
On Paypal site choose amount that you want to support server with. Each 1€ will be appreciated by adding 1 Donation coin to you in game.

After finishing the process you will receive transaction ID. It may take up to 24 hours for your donation to be processed on our side. After that you can enter this transaction ID in Account manager to obtain Donation coins as a token of our appreciation.

Donation coins will be added to first character of your game account.